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Incorporating wool, silk and cotton, Alanna’s art quilts capture landscapes and the zeitgeist of her time.


Alanna Nelson

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Iris Apfel documentary

Really, I just wanted 20 minutes of light television to keep me company while I knit before heading to bed. Instead, I found the Iris Apfel documentary It reminded me of the joy and inspiration when I saw the exhibit at the Peabody Essex...

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Quilt Photo Declaration

Writing a Studio Art Quilt Associates member profile  about myself sent me scampering for quilt images. Turning to the CDs, flash drives and cloud storage nooks where my art quilt photos lurk, I found some nice memories. It took forever to sew these pinky nail sized...

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Nuno felt art quilts swirling into action

I promised to update you on the nuno felting results. This quilter just adores the water color, layered effect that nuno felt gives to my tops. Equipped with roving in greys, natural off whites and blues, I actually completed one quilt with nuno felting yardage in...

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5 Modern Stripe Knit Scarves

Is it just me, or does the knitting world gravitate toward stripes these days? Stripes give you options to use up stash remnants, but there are plenty of ways to stripe your knits without heading down the nautical or circus themes. The modern knit scarf has plenty of...

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Fibercamp Compendium 2016

Were you at FiberCamp 2016? I had a great time again. This year, I didn't lead a single session. I didn't even peruse the session pages until Thursday. Jumping into a pool of friends and tantalizing topics with abandon, I soaked myself in whatever seemed good at that...

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When a knitter ultimately leaves her stash

On March 1,  I planned to blog all about Downton Abby and fashion and the parallels in 2016. Fresh from a fabulous holiday in the Grand Canyon with a day spent shopping, exploring and pool side lounging in Las Vegas, I was ready to move on to the next adventure. Was I...

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Cowabunga II

Despite subzero temperatures last weekend, we stayed quite warm under Cowabunga II: Feline Party Wave. Do you remember that surfing cat fabric I picked up last year at City Quilter? Bought to create Kowabunga Karina? Well, I took apart the second baby quilt top and...

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Knitting for my Fitbit Flex

The Fitbit Flex entered my life in August, 2014 as I trained for a half marathon. Sweet hub thought it would help me track mileage when we traveled. It was perfect for that! During the first 6 months, I wore the tracker while exercising, but when a college room mate...

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I will resist #bangoutasweater, I will.

Corrections to my Master Knitter Level 3 are back. Wow! I had no idea it would be so quick. Let's not talk about that right now. Carefree rambling from one project to the next is a pleasure. Leading the Knit a Long at Sit and Knit for the Aidez sweater, knitting for a...

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Seduced by Softwaves Magnum

One of the InStitches knitters brought Laura Irwin's Softwaves Magnum to class last week. Simple knitting, large needles, super bulky yarn... what more could you ask for? This was a great mindless knitting project that would result in an interesting addition to my...

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