Recent Work

Strategic Content Marketing and Events

A unique Victorian era signature quilt inspires community place making  


Using earned media, email marketing and community networks, created connection to the quilt homecoming, e.g., Historic Commission, local businesses, library, artists, religious and community groups.

– Curated a fiber art exhibit to accompany the quilt. Based on geneaological research, created exhibits and content about the people whose names appear on the inscribed quilt.

– Coordinated volunteers to create a scavenger hunt highlighted by a “yarn storm” that raised awareness of  the quilt homecoming events.


– More than 300 people visited the Beebe Exhibit on the four Saturdays. This doesn’t include those who attended  the First Friday reception or during Melrose Open Studio Tour.

– There was a waiting list to attend at the textile restorer’s presentation.  View it online on MMTV (search for “Have Camera Will Travel Quilts).

An Artist’s Online Portfolio

A sculptor with a rich body of work seeks to provide a flexible way to communicate with collectors as they discuss commission and purchases.

The Strategy:

– Refreshed web site, implemented SEO.

– Established photo, video and written library templates for storage and display of work.

– Trained artist on how to use WordPress and create personalized portfolios to share with clients as they discuss his work.


– Web site structure established with templates for tailored portfolios.

– Structure to organize images and technical specifications of body of work.