Alanna Nelson winter landscape inspiration New EnglandThe March landscap in Massachusetts can be an acquired taste. Bare branches, squishy boggy mud and wide ranging weather possibilities make cozy pancake eating days in maple sugarhouses one of its main attractions. However, March 2018 is a magical time to discover Land and Nature Scapes in fiber art around Boston.

More than a dozen fiber artists share their work at The Gallery in Malden from March 1 to the 25. The reception is on Thursday March 8 15 (aforementioned wide ranging weather postponed the date) from 7 to 9pm. You’ll enjoy a wide range of imagery and messages inspired by the lines and color from around the world.

I’m delighted to be part of that exhibit, but let me point you to web sites of some of the other artists: Betsy Abbot, Sue Colozzi, Tarja Cockell, Madalene Murphy, Kathleen ConnorsCarol Ann Gotrian, Jeanne Marklin, Valarie Poitier, Janice Jones, Cathy Granese, Ann Kimball, all gathered by the wonderful Janis Doucette.

A newcomer on the Malden scene, The Gallery is a local maker’s gift shop, exhibit space and community space dedicated to the arts right in Malden Square. Its spirit and inclusion is boosted by the wonderful Ose Schwab, with the physical space supported by DSF Advisors. The Gallery reflects Malden’s diverse population, and I’m excited to see how it develops. Go Gallery, go!

Gallery Malden March 15 Fiber Art Reception

Will I see you there? Hope so, but if not, perhaps you can make it to April’s meet and greet… more about that next time.