The Fitbit Flex entered my life in August, 2014 as I trained for a half marathon. Sweet hub thought it would help me track mileage when we traveled. It was perfect for that! During the first 6 months, I wore the tracker while exercising, but when a college room mate became a fitbit “friend,” the tracker and its silicone band became part of my daily routine.

Knitting alternate bracelets to hide the tracker sounded appealing. My penchant for items both beautiful and useful definitely was tested with the Flex. Silicone stripes on my wrist are fine for active sports, but every day? I’ve mixed them in with other bracelets, hid it under sleeves, and finally cast on my own knit bracelet from remnants of my Thorn.


So glad that #beadgallery is an easy lunch hour walk. New @fitbit bracelet in the horizon! #lunchhourfun

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Accepting my obsession with getting an adequate number of active minutes is not a bad thing! I’ve frequently gone for walks after dinner to make sure I hit my 10,000 steps. It’s kept me hopping up from the computer and standing or walking while knitting. Active is good… so the Fitbit will be both beautiful and useful when I get done knitting the bracelet.

#wip #knittersofinstagram #fitbitflex bracelet made with @Claudiahandpaint silk lace weight yarn

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This week, I heard an interview with Christina d’Avigno of Ringly on the radio. Ringly makes rings that keep you in touch with your phone, allowing you to keep it nearby (within bluetooth range) but not glued to you… as perhaps my hub might prefer. I would definitely consider a Ringly type bracelet…. although I’m not interested in the Apple Watch, mainly because their design isn’t my style.

It got me thinking about knitting and tech… is there a possibility that a whole new range of knitting patterns could ensue that blends wearable knitting projects that blend with tech?