Alanna Nelson designs knits in Boston
I remember when my Grandma finished this needlepoint bag. Perhaps I even remember the day when she and my mom bought the kit… or is it just a dream… after all, this was the 1970’s.

Last November, this bag was still in use, holding the knitting project Grandma kept in her closet. With her vision so dim, I’m not sure how she ever managed to knit that novelty yarn, all pink and fluffy. I worked a couple of rows and corrected a couple of slipped stitches to make knitting easier for her.

Grandma had downsized numerous times in the last 20 years. In the end, this was one of the things she still kept. So when I saw in the pile for potential charity donation after her death last month, I knew it belonged to me now.

Hand made memories, made to last.