Hello my right thumb; favorite strong action torque; you deserve a rest.

In August, I noticed that months of painting beadboard walls and ceilings hurt my thumb. In September, I whacked it hard on something while sailing. In October, I spent many hours on a laptop track pad. In November, my thumb demanded a change. 

That ever versatile, weight bearing, load carrying, needle pulling, felt massaging thumb got an X-ray. Fortunately, there are no breaks nor lesions. It’s just tendinitis, so a splint, more ibuprofen and 9 days of rest should do the trick. No biggie, right? You’d think so. What did I learn?

I am addicted to stitching.

No knitting, no embroidery, no hand sewing or making dorset buttons for nine days. No computer (oops, I’m breaking the rule here…but I’m not using my right thumb when I type :). ¬†Absence makes for restless distraction and lack of focus.

Take a stitch today for me, and thank your hands for all that they do. I’ll sign off for now, but hope to be stitching again soon.

Meanwhile, any coping techniques for the stitch addict?