Public Art.

What is public art to you? Each artist brings their own gifts to a public art practice. For me, bringing people together to create and celebrate an event using hand craft highlights my love for textiles and connecting people. 

Melrose History Project

When a quilt conservation specialist researched a signature quilt that a client brought to her, it began a journey of discovery and celebration. A serendipitous connection brought Ann Wassermand and myself together, and it made perfect sense to bring that signature quilt back to Melrose, MA – because that’s where it was made around 1897 – 1898.

The homecoming celebration featured lectures, displays and a scavenger hunt. Seven installations in Melrose during November and December 2018 marked the locations in the scavenger hunt, “Clues from the Quilt.” Lori Rossi, Julie Bozek, Melina Chaouch, Jean Holtey and others contributed to the yarn installations, which included a publicity banner.

Something's Fishy

In collaboration with Jodi Colella and Adrienne Sloane, Something’s Fishy¬†graced the entrance to the Arsenal Center for the Arts in Watertown, Massachusetts in January 2010. As Secretary of the Common Cod Fiber Guild, this public art project encouraged all hand craft lovers to contribute their personally created fish to celebrate the first FiberCamp.

Something's Fishy

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