After the Knitting: Seams

Fibercamp 2012: An inspiring open format conference for everyone who enjoys knitting, crochet and a whole host of other fiber arts.  This year I learned about coiling from Jeanne and how to evaluate a fleece from Lucy.  I also shared my experience with making a duct tape mannequin and enabled a session on seaming techniques for knitters.

We covered the seaming of (wish I had taken photos!)
  • ends of rows  (e.g. the sides of a sweater),
  • cast on/bound off edges (e.g. shoulder seams)
  •  cast on/bound off edge to an end of row (e.g. a shoulder cap)

I passed around samples and we talked about selvedges and ratios.  Knowing that this might seem very logical while in the session, but completely irretrievable in the future, I put together a reference list based on magazines currently on the market, books I enjoy and books others recommended.   Here they are:

The Knitter’s Book of Finishing Techniques (amazon associate link) by Nancie Wiseman.  I love the spiral binding and way it fits in my knitting bag.  Of course, this is on top of the wonderful explanations, drawing and photography.
Knitter’s Handbook : A Comprehensive Guide to the Principles and Techniques of Handknitting by Montze Stanley is a classic reference that always offers more than one way to do anything knitting!

I don’t own it yet, but having heard her speak last month, I can hardly wait to own Deborah Newton’s new release  Finishing School: A Master Class for Knitters

From the current magazine stands, you’ll find a nice article about seaming in the Debbie Bliss Magazine.  Knitters volume 106 has a super article on picking up stitches with a great table.

Others surveyed at FiberCamp also recommended:
Catherine Lowe’s Ravell’d Sleeve, Margaret Fisher’s Seven Things that can “Make or Break” a Sweater™: Techniques and Tips for Hand Knitters and of course, June Hiatt’s tomb and gravity source, The Principles of Knitting.

Amanda W then took the group through the principles of picking up stitches.  Hopefully the short sessions gave people the jist and the resources for the next time they need to finish an project.

I’d love to hear any additions you have to the list!

Viva FiberCamp!