Quilts at Halo Studio through October 23

The 2017 Melrose Art Walk¬†adds extra spice to our pleasant historic downtown. In its 10th year, I’ve always enjoyed seeing works of local artists and appreciate the way our businesses support them. This year, my art quilts are even part of the exhibit! Three quilts are on display at Halo Studio, 467 Main Street. It’s a perfect fit, as Jen Malenchini is one of the first Melrosians we met when we moved here. Jen was working elsewhere in town and we followed her as she opened her own business. Go Jen!

Not knowing where the quilts might be displayed, I focused energy on completing three small works, imagining that I would need to display in a small space. Jen has huge windows and darn, if I had known earlier. Other larger pieces that could have potentially worked were either too long or made of silk (which I really can’t display in a west facing window for a few weeks). So works like “Trees in the Rain” stayed home.

Art Quilt Trees in the Rain by Alanna Nelson

Why look, there’s a sculpture by Ross Matteson with Trees in the Rain

Ross Matteson urged me repeatedly to take photos, which I will, I promise. I think he meant before I put them on display, but um, that didn’t happen.

The three quilts are all based on New England settings and experiences. I think they are nice examples of my art quilt tendencies: hand work, felted wool and dabbling with book making techniques in my quilting. Having said that, I realistically admit that a current quilt is a whole cloth, machine quilted piece.

Am I avoiding the fact that I should take photos before the work heads out the door? Undoubtedly yes.

So imagine my delight when the @MelroseArts Instagram feed reposted @ColorMyWorldCrochet’s post.

2017 Melrose Art Walk Instagram post by ColormyworldCrochet

There’s my art quilt in the top left corner! This is from my series, “Boston Women’s March.”

Thank you ColorMyWorldCrochet! And check out her Etsy page… she has very cool slouchy beanies and stylish hats.