Frugal or frivolous?

Fix it. Use it up, Wear it out. Make do. Do without! 

This New England proverb chimed repeatedly last week, when I discovered the state of my warmest winter mittens.
Darn that mitten
time for new fleece lined mittenIt wasn’t just the “Polar Vortex” that made my hands cold last week.

Worn and loved, these mitts are made from Berocco Peruvia yarn and lined with alpaca. Created from Kerry’s Cozy Lined mitten pattern purchased at Dragonfly yarns in Janesville, WI. I knit them in 2008 and reknit the thumbs in 2011 (fyi, I knew that Peruvia was too loosely spun to make long wearing mittens, but the color matched my winter coat).  Knitting a new pair isn’t an option now. Buying one? That seems frivolous!

For the time being, I’ll darn the exterior, but I don’t see myself creating a new lining until spring… maybe I’ll just knit a different pattern… so many cool things I could make. Wait! Stay focused, oh pursuer of Master Knitter Level 3.

My family has noted that mending jobs get done promptly, but their mending lingers on hangars at my studio door. Imagine that!
Ok, back to work!