Skirting detours

Throughout this spring, I wondered why on earth I didn’t have more spring sweaters.  The Lilly pullover was finally finished in mid June.  I even had an opportunity to wear it while working at Sit and Knit one day before it got too hot!  As I knit, I realized that my warm weather projects the last few years included:

Carmine in Berrocco Touche (this yarn was a great buy at the Boston Knitting Guild‘s yearly auction) was my first skirt, finished in 2009.
In 2010, inspired by those wild and wonderful women at Yarns in the Farms, here’s my “leftover skirt.”Floofy skirt made with leftover yarns in cotton, nylon and tencel
Lily Chin’s crochet dress crowned my spring/summer in 2011, which I wore to my sister’s wedding last year. I am very sorry to say that despite wearing this dress loads, I have yet to properly photograph it. You’ll have to live with this:

Making skirts and dresses has been great and I’ve worn them happily. That doesn’t change the fact that I need some spring sweaters. I retired a lovely cotton zip cardi in 2010. I still miss it. So what did I cast on?

Sasha, a skirt pattern from Louet

It was a fantastically wonderfully project for my long haul international flight. I had three skeins of Louet Euroflax in green and a few other skeins in the stash. I decided that the top ruffle was unnecessary enhancement on my short torso, so the idea was a green tier of lace, a yellow tier of lace and finish with blue.  Or at least that was the original idea.  I’ve finished the green and blue tiers.  What do you think?
2012-08-07 17:21:15 +0000

I’m very tempted to pull out the blue ruffle and move it up to the second tier and  have the yellow kick out of the bottom.  There’s a great temptation to  lengthen the skirt as well. Rippit?  Or, is it time to cast on a spring cardi…..