Fibercamp Compendium 2016

Were you at FiberCamp 2016? I had a great time again.

FiberCamp 2016 at MIT Cambridge MA

This year, I didn’t lead a single session. I didn’t even peruse the session pages until Thursday. Jumping into a pool of friends and tantalizing topics with abandon, I soaked myself in whatever seemed good at that moment. So refreshing!

Dirty Water Dyeworks raffled at FiberCamp 2016

(Above) The gradient bundle from Dirty Water Dyeworks was a hot ticket! (Below) Two fabulous knit skirts inspired by the good mojo at Yarns in the Farms

Attending sessions on photographing textiles , new techniques in double knitting, and wet felting (with the women launching FABRIC), I missed other good topics. Equally notable, I met new people, got to know others better and caught up with past attendees and Guild members.

Much time was spent in the vendor room… ok, get rid of the passive voice. I shopped til I dropped! This was a conscious decision:

  • I wanted to support the small businesses who support Fibercamp;
  • I wanted to break in a newly issued credit card 🙂

Picking up lovely yarns from Toil and Trouble, A Riot of Color, a gradient bundle from Dirty Water Dyeworks and recycled silk blend from Boston Wool Works.

Alanna Nelson loves knit stash procured at FiberCamp!Alanna Nelson explores Circular Weaving Looms from janda Multimedia

I finally treated myself to a cheery project bag from Beantown bags and a pompom maker. I immediately ordered an circular weaving kit from Janda Multimedia , which is made right in Norwood using a 3D printer!

In a new twist this year, the first 100 FiberCamp attendees received a hand stamped project swag bag stuffed with all kinds of goodies! I should have really taken a photo of it, so darling, but frankly I popped it open like a kid on Christmas morning.

FiberCamp is different each year, reliably,  it’s better than I think it will be. What a great way to spend a March weekend… even if the weather outdoors was unseasonably fabulous.

When a knitter ultimately leaves her stash

On March 1,  I planned to blog all about Downton Abby and fashion and the parallels in 2016. Fresh from a fabulous holiday in the Grand Canyon with a day spent shopping, exploring and pool side lounging in Las Vegas, I was ready to move on to the next adventure.

Great tassel decoration at the Wynn Las Vegas

Fabulous tassels found all over the Wynn Resort

Was I ready to hear that two of my knitting clients from Sit and Knit died the day before? No.

Through reason and experience, I understand that death is integral to life. Therefore, grief is just as integral for those left behind. Does it make it less painful? No.

I cherish the memories,  challenges and successes these women brought to class. Thank you for being part of my Wednesdays, Dottie and Nancy.

As the Sit and Knit community searches for ways to honor and remember these women, it leads me to a related topic….Our families are often at odds with what to do with the stash left behind.

If you have a hobby or collection, take time to give general instructions about how you’d like your stash to be distributed. It wouldn’t hurt to have it written down, designating perhaps a stash executor. Don’t forget to update it on occasion. My stash has changed significantly in the last 10 years. Time to follow my own advice, right?

More on that later, but for the past couple weeks, grieving has been part of my return from vacation.

A poem for your ideas and actions

April is National Poetry Month. When I read this poem by W.S. Merwin, I had to share it with my quilting group. A week later, it’s still in mind…. oh, Writer’s Almanac, how do you do that to me? It’s called “The New Song” and it certainly speaks to the potential that textile lovers imagine when they see a new yarn, fabric, motif, style.

If you have 5 minutes, listen to Garrison Keilor’s whole episode, where he talks about literary history each day, sealing the podcast off with a poem. If you’d just like to read the poem, click here.  Then again, this poem is from the 17th Poet Laureate’s new release Moon Before Morning

Time, imagination…. now it’s just a matter of focus and priorities.

One of my favorite books to track priorities is Getting Things Done by David Allen. Evernote helps me empty my brain or fill it with new ideas. When I walked into my studio last week, I realized that I may need to memorize Merwin’s “The New Song.”

Fitting in the Fabric

Happy creating!