Doodle, Draw & Muscle Memory

Doodle, Draw & Muscle Memory

Two mornings spent with Sue Heinz at the Machine Quilters Expo reignited my desire to draw.

longarm sketching practice at Machine Quilters ExpoThe time nudged me into carrying a sketch pad in my purse again. Sue claims that we build muscle memory just through practice, even if you’re swinging between pencil and longarm.

Doodling is a nice, mindful way to spend a couple of minutes. I’m hesitant to spend much time creating many motifs from others, but there are definitely skill sets being built by copying. Ideally, my work will develop its own vocabulary, depending on the piece.

On a bed quilt, these shapes are simply lovely. Sue had some fantastic samples that made me want to buy more thread. However, my ample stash of machine embroidery cotton will do me just fine for now.

Practice, practice, practice.