To have and to hold…

Ever since I found out that June Hiatt’s The Principles of Knitting
was reprinted and available digitally, I began to actually want a a digital book reader. Wouldn’t it be fabulous to tote that tome of knitting knowledge spritely in my knitting bag?  What a tantalizing idea!

A bit of shopping around and I realized that my love of textile books meant a simple black and white reader wouldn’t support the color photography, so a fancier tablet was in my future.  And recently, my hub surprised me with a Kindle Fire.  What a darling!Alanna Nelson, Master Knitter

My dearly beloved and I are best friends, parents and share much together.  Makes sense, as it’s been nearly a quarter century of matrimony.  He sweetly let me know that with his Amazon Prime membership, we could stream movies and I could read books for free. All I had to do is register the Kindle to his Amazon Prime address.


But of course, this means that any time I download a book, he’d get the notification.  His preferences and Amazon profile would be littered with my wish list and purchases.  And more importantly, my Amazon profile would essentially wither into the ether. My Kindle library would become forever associated to his linked address unless otherwise gifted to me.


To have and to hold, in sickness and in health does not mean that we lose our identity.  Am I ready to let any sort of assumptions that Amazon could make based on more than 15 years of patronage disappear?  Worse yet, do I care?  Apparently, I do.

Asking friends, I found that some couples share not only a profile, but even a tablet… it was no big deal.  Others, who choose the presentation and display of their books carefully, as if decorating and making a personal statement, could understand my dilemma.

In the end, I decided my Kindle’s purpose was for my literary pursuits and not watching video, and that I wanted my profile to remain linked to my interest areas.

But I haven’t de registered the account…yet!

Any requests for which books to download first?