A poem for your ideas and actions

April is National Poetry Month. When I read this poem by W.S. Merwin, I had to share it with my quilting group. A week later, it’s still in mind…. oh, Writer’s Almanac, how do you do that to me? It’s called “The New Song” and it certainly speaks to the potential that textile lovers imagine when they see a new yarn, fabric, motif, style.

If you have 5 minutes, listen to Garrison Keilor’s whole episode, where he talks about literary history each day, sealing the podcast off with a poem. If you’d just like to read the poem, click here.  Then again, this poem is from the 17th Poet Laureate’s new release Moon Before Morning

Time, imagination…. now it’s just a matter of focus and priorities.

One of my favorite books to track priorities is Getting Things Done by David Allen. Evernote helps me empty my brain or fill it with new ideas. When I walked into my studio last week, I realized that I may need to memorize Merwin’s “The New Song.”

Fitting in the Fabric

Happy creating!