The temperatures have dipped into the zone where evenings are spent curled up with a hand work project.  One advantage of living in New England is completely justified hibernation during the winter.  Last week, however, I enrolled in the Master Knitter Level 3 program of The Knitting Guild of America, so I will dedicate many evenings in the next year to completing these program requirements. Alanna Nelson Master Knitter TKGA Level 3 is the highest level in the TKGA program, and while I don’t need  to knit a flowered carpet in 13 weeks, (as one historical European knitting guild required), there’s quite a few projects, reviews, reports and swatches on my list for 2013.

Last year, I was one of 15 people who completed the Level 2 requirements.  The research and review of the literature, the opportunity to evaluate and improve my knitting, pattern writing and design skills create a great learning environment.  The program also improves your ability to read and communicate in “knit speak.”

It is a lot of work.  You will invest time and money to produce your notebooks (not to mention improvements to your knitting library!).  When people ask me if the Master Knitter Program is worth it, I ask about their goals… it’s certainly not for everyone.  If you are serious about knitting, enjoy research, appreciate detail and your ego can withstand the critiques given by the committee, it is an effective learning tool.

Here I go!