As the sailing season ends….

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I return to Master Knitter corrections.

Alanna Nelson TKGA Master Knitter corrections

Miki hat top view

Next up: the revised fair isle hat. My first pattern had errors, for sure. The reviewers did not feel that my pattern reflected traditional fair isle motifs and was too snug of a fit.

Alanna Nelson fair isle knit hat Boston

Miki fair isle watch cap

This time, I’m citing peeries from Michael Pearson’s Traditional Knitting and making the hat in 2 sizes (for those of us who prefer a snug fit while shoveling).

All was well with the Mikidue pattern until I ran out of orange yarn with merely 6 stitches left in the peerie. Ack.

Of course, this particular shade of Cascade 200 Superwash is discontinued. Where would we be without the internet? The up side is that I can work one last tiny peerie of orange for the crown.

Alanna Nelson Master Knitter Boston

The orange yarn will hopefully arrive this week. Perhaps these corrections may be posted before Thanksgiving? I’d better get knitting!