Wet Felting Resources

Wet felt wool landscape by Alanna Nelson
Make your own wool fabric

What a fun time I had watching you create your felt. Try this at home.

Draw 3 – 4 horizontal and vertical layers of wool, covering the entire surface area (any details don’t count as a full layer). Cover with mesh, tulle or screen. Wet with warm water and a gentle soap, then get ready to:

  • Pat the water from the center outward
  • Massage horizontally and vertically, including all corners and edges
  • Roll your felt without the mesh layer both vertically and horizontally
  • Throw the fabric squished into a ball. Pick up, rearrange fabric in a new ball and toss again.

If the fabric isn’t as felted as you’d like, put your felt into a lingerie bag and throw it into the dryer with the towels. If the fabric is bumpy when dry, dampen slightly and press flat.

Purchase wool roving or bats at:

Boston area Fiber festivals: Gore Place in April, New Hampshire and Massachusetts Sheep and Wool in May, Fiber Festival of New England in November.

Online Vendors: Harrisville Fibers (a fun day trip, too!), Halcyon yarns are New England companies. Living Felt has all kinds of tools and fibers for both wet and needle felting.

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